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Dota 2 which stands for Defenders of the Ancients Two is a popular MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) with millions of players worldwide.

It was created 2003 as a WarCraft III mod and had many different developers for the mod during that time. 2005 took a guy called IceFrog over the development. Many people see that date as the true birth of modern Dota.

It did not take long for Dota to be recognized as an Esports when players from all around the world duked it out in against each other for the bragging rights on their regional server.
Nowadays Dota 2 is bigger, better and much more profitable than ever. History clearly shows that Dota 2 is the eSport game with the biggest prize pools (Filled with money!).
That is of course for very good reasons, the game is so good and polished with razor sharp mechanics and filled with strategies and hero synergies.

eSports betting welcomes Dota 2 betting into the family

Dota 2 is today one of the biggest and most successful eSports game that the bookmarkers are offering eSports betting on.  We can find a lot of cool markets to place real money bets on.
What do you say for example about a bet on “Who kills the first Roshan” or bet on “who will kill the first barrack”? It is usually a bit higher odds on those crazy bets than matchwinner.  More often or not it is possible to predict who will win the match by just looking at the teams. A high-ranking team rarely loses to a low ranked one. But, it is absolutely possible that the worst team will draw the first blood. So place a bet on those ones can really enhance your eSports experience even tho the matchup in itself is unbalanced and not so interesting to watch.