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Dota 2, which is short for Defenders of the Ancients 2, is one of the most popular MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to date, with millions of players worldwide.
The game was originally created in 2003 as a mod for the strategy game Warcraft III. There were actually several different developers creating their own version of the mod back then, but eventually, one version came to be the official one everybody played. In 2005 a guy called IceFrog took over the development of this version. From there he truly manages to bring the game to life, which is why many people today consider that particular year to be the true birth of modern Dota.

The game grew to be extremely popular and eventually turned into an eSport where players from all around the world were competing for some serious prize money. About the same time as this boom was happening, a standalone version of the Dota mod, the game we today know as Dota 2 was being in development. When this was released, the eSports scene in Dota sky rocketed and today the game is bigger, better and much more profitable than ever. It’s the world record holding eSport game of the highest prize money offered in a tournament ever.

eSports betting welcomes Dota 2 betting into the family

Dota 2 is one of the biggest and most successful eSport games to date that you can bet on. You can more or less be sure to find bets offered on it on every eSports betting site out there. Not only will you find a lot of matches, but Dota 2 betting includes a lot of cool and entertaining markets to place your real money bets on.

Can you imagine a bet offered on “who will kill the first Roshan”, “who will draw the first blood” or “who will destroy the first tower”? Well, these are only a few of all the amazing ones you can find! These cool bets usually also have way higher odds on them than just betting on match winner. Many times it’s easy to predict who will win the match by just looking at the teams. A high-ranking team rarely loses to a low ranked one. It is however much more likely that the worst team will actually manage to draw the first blood or destroy the first tower. Therefore placing a bet on these can really enhance your eSports experience even though the matchup already has the match winner revealed.