Why eSports matter

Ever since the beginning, human mankind people have been competing against one and another. Competitions like who are the strongest or fastest have been very common and still are today. Fast forwarding to 2017 the spectrum of competitions has expanded a lot. Today there is countless of different sports and games to compete in. All with a different skill set in mind. And the online gaming era has just amplified that.

Eat, breath and sleep eSports

It is very common for people to have gaming as a hobby. As soon as they have some time over on their hands they spend it with the game. Best moments are when they can jump into the world and just play hours without an end. Also, when they’re not playing they are talking about it with friends or watching highlights videos on youtube. When they eat they’re, for example, often thinking about certain details on how to improve or what talent to go for next. During sleep, it is not uncommon that abstract images pop up about the game and a weird sense of connection emerges.
It is fairly safe at this stage to state that the full gaming circle is connected and complete.

Translation of skills

It should not come to anyone’s surprise that this is not always a productive behavior that will produce anything of value in the modern society. More often than not the life dedicated gamer will end up in a losing position in life where they can’t benefit from the skills they have accumulated over the years. It is hard to translate 400 Starcraft APM or a 360 no scoop headshot into real life value. And here is a bit of where eSports and regular sports differ. A regular sportsman can often get a good use for their physical achievements in the working sphere.

Why it matter

This is where eSports come in. Today the paradigm starts to shift and more and more options are starting to open up for regular gamers who never became a pro. For the social gamer, who love to network within the scene, there are tonnes of opportunities on social media. The only thing you basically need is to build an active and stable social channel. It could be a facebook group or a twitter. Once you have a follower base, companies will start to contact you for different advertising deals. Same thing goes if you are into web-design and manage to build a good esports themed website. The same thing here will apply, and you will get offers from others and you suddenly have a business going. And you don’t have to be a coder to do it. The entering port for the web is basically content creation. If you can write about esports then you are in a position of creating unique and desirable text for webmasters. Same thing goes if you are into video making or other forms of artistic creation.

Esports in it self is becoming a real business with a lot of different channels which are open for anyone who wants to enter. It’s not only for the pro gamers anymore.

Dota 2 international

The International 2017 is just one month away now. The Major is the seventh annual edition of the International. The start date for the 5 days event will be 2017-08-07 and continue till 2017-08-12, a total of 18 teams will participate where only one team will be crown as the winner and get a hefty portion of the estimated $20 million prize pool.


The tournament actually starts all the way back in June with the Champions Qualifiers back in 20th June and keeps on going till 22nd June. This is for the Four Regional champions qualifiers where the winner of each Champion Qualifier will advance to the respective Main Qualifier. Around the same time the Open Qualifiers are running where twelve Regional Single-elimination Open Qualifiers are held, it is split into two brackets for each region where the winners of each Open Qualifier will advance to the respective Main Qualifier.
The main Qualifiers starts as soon as the open one ends. The winner from each Main Qualifier will advance directly to the international.

Group stage is held August 2nd – August 5th. All eighteen teams are divided into two groups where they play in a Round Robin format of a best of 2. The top four teams in each group will advance to the upper international bracket of the main event while the bottom team in each group will be eliminated. The remaining teams advance to the Main event.

Main event is held 7th August to 12th August 2017, Sixteen teams will play against each other in a double-elimination format over a six day period.

Some of the teams that have been invited are:

OG, Virtus.pro, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Invictus Gaming, Newbee.


Qualified teams are:

Team secret, Planet Dog, Team Empire, iG Vitality, LGD.Forever Young, LGD Gaming, TNC Pro Team, Fnatic, Execration, Team NP, Digital Chaos, Infamous.

It will be a full packed event this year, filled with Dota Super Stars.


What make Dota a successful eSports game

eSport is growing as never before and more than 215 million players are watching eSports games. The value of it is a whopping 900 million dollars and it won’t take long before it reaches the 1 billion dollar mark. If we look at the impact of the 19% the scene grew from 2015 to 2016 we can surely estimate that the billion dollar mark will hit this year. One could say that it should slow down since a big chunk of releases today are free to play, which means the developers does not get any payment upon release. They’re relying on in-game purchases to finance their game instead. If you look at 3 good games, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Defenders of the Ancient 2 you can see that they all have one thing in common. You can’t buy power or any in-game advantages for real money (except for experience boost in some cases). All three of these successful games are providing their play community with cosmetics for their heroes/weapons in form of skins. Skins can be purchased for a few dollars which will give your hero a unique look. In games as Dota 2 and CS:GO you can also find, earn and get them from loot boxes which open up new elements since those properties can be traded with other players. From here, a new economy/market has come to existence. We have seen new sites poop up design around the concept of skin trading and even skin betting.

What more needs to have a successful game?

One thing is sure, having a triple A polished game for free helps a lot to build up a player base. We see a lot of promising games die due to the lack of players. To acquire and retain a health player-base should therefore be seen as the highest priority.

Since we just dropped free to play – one of the bigger acquisition bombs – we should now check a few elements which retain the players.

  • Having regular updates to the game
  • Keep the game free from bugs and broken code
  • Interesting game mechanics which is hard to master
  • High skill cap
  • Spectator value
  • eSport capability


Our friends on Gamasutra made an excellent post about this where they explain it more in-depth than I ever could.
I recommend you to head over to them to check out more about what keeps an esports game successful.