Skin betting Dota 2

Dota 2 skin betting

It just came to my mind that’s possible to trade and earn money with dota 2 skins.  Have anyone of you tried dota 2 skin betting? To me, it looks like a really fun thing to do and I  should definitely try it. I have a few skins already in my Steam account and contemplating to try out ggBETs eSports betting service. They accept skins as a currency for betting. I read a bit about it and it seems quite simple,  to be honest.

On their homepage for skin deposits or, skinpay – They explain it like this.

  1. You select “Skinpay” from your profile under deposit options.
  2. From Skinpay you select the skin you want to sell.
  3. A bot creates an offer and takes them from your account, this will take a couple of seconds.
  4. Your account will be replenished within 15 minutes once you accepted the trade with your steam mobile application.

Sounds easy enough to me.

Dota 2 skin gambling

There are other sites as well that offer skin deposits and gambling. Except for regular eSports betting there seems to be normal, traditional casino gambling for it as well.
On one site they actually offer roulette, you are basically betting with your skins and hope to hit your color in a roulette inspired fashion.

skin betting roulette

It works by placing your skin on red, green or black. Where Red and black is 1:1 and green 7:1. If you place your bet on black and win, you will double your initial bet, so if your skin is worth 10 credit and you hit, you’ll double your amount to 20 credits. Betting on red works the same way.
However, if you bet on green, which is worth 7:1 you would get 80 credits from your initial 10 credit bet. But the catch is of course, that it is much harder to hit.

At this instant it seems to be only played with CS:GO skins when it comes to roulette. For me, it does not really matter since I am more interested betting on eSports since that is the scene I follow and know by heart.

Over and out, see you on the battlefield!

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